mailI’m Michelle, I graduated in 2009 with an MA in Public Relations from Leeds Met University; I now work as a b2b PR account manager for a London agency. I work primarily with clients in technology, software, engineering and life sciences. I live in Leeds, and can regularly be seen flitting between our nation’s capital and God’s Own County on the East Coast line.

My previous experience includes four years of b2b agency work, predominantly in technology, with a few public sector and professional services clients thrown in. I’ve had the pleasure of organising a company launch at the top of The Gherkin, and took 100 people to breakfast with Home Secretary Theresa May at the House of Commons.

In a PR sense, I’m a die-hard b2b-er and something of a geek. I get interested in the oddest little bits of technology – be it supply chain technology or pharmaceutical compound identification. I’m interested in social media, internet journalism, public engagement and political communication. I’m ambitious, argumentative and just a little but mischievous. And I definitely talk too much.

Outside of work, I can generally be found either watching/obsessing over my beloved Manchester United, getting up to no good with my partner and friends, or reading many, many books. I love to read, anything and everything. I’m currently reading as many books about the Vietnam War that I can possibly lay my hands on, with a sprinkling of Tsarist Russia thrown in.

I love politics and am a bit of news-junkie; I’m always up for a heated political debate. I like to watch BBC Question Time and shout at the TV. I adore University Challenge and enforce a strict silence policy in the house whilst it’s on. I have a special place in my heart for US politics which never ceases to fascinate me. My most treasured possession in the world is my box-set of entire The West Wing.


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