So, you think you’ve had a bad day…?

We’ve all been there, you think you’ve had one of the worst days ever and things couldn’t get much worse. I had one of those days today in fact; everything that could go wrong, inevitably went wrong. And, coupled with a few pieces of personal bad news, I was feeling thoroughly sorry for myself by the time I got home from work.

But all this pales into significance when I think about what one of my closest friends is battling through at the moment. My very lovely friend and her family, who I met at university in Leeds, is currently experiencing something so awful, and yet with a grace and wit I cannot comprehend.

Rochelle Bugg, her sisters, and their mother, sadly lost their father and husband to illness at a young age; and earlier this year received the devastating news that her mother is suffering from an incurable brain tumour. The Bugg family are blogging about their experiences – – and whilst it is oftentimes a heartbreaking read, it just about re-affirms your belief in humanity.

These three beautiful, intelligent and strong women, along with their incredible mother, are sharing their thoughts and experiences on their blog; and reminding us all that those small trials and tribulations that irk us on a daily basis, are things that are often not worth our time and effort worrying about.

I urge you to visit the Bugg family blog, and to send your positive thoughts and prayers their way. The Bugg family themselves are big advocates of positive thinking, and I’m certainly with them on that.


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