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I had a great experience this week of Twitter doing it’s thing, and perfect fodder for reposte when a Twitter non-believer doesn’t ‘get’ Twitter, or thinks it doesn’t ‘do’ anything. I was having problems with Plusnet, my new broadband and landline provider, generally poor customer service, non-delivery, and taking a age to get the broadband going. I’d tried the traditonal routes, I called them (costly and time consuming); I’d tried the ‘raising a ticket’ on the website method (‘we will reply in 12 hours’) and had no result. So in a fit of frustration, andwith a quick Twitter search, I found Plusnet’s customer service Twitter account (@plusnet). Why not I thought? I tweeted @plusnet, a simple, ‘not very impressed with @plusnet’s customer service, doesn’t bode well for a new customer’ and lo and behold, in no more than 10 minutes, I received a phonecall from a Plusnet customer service manager. His opening words? ”Hi Michelle, I’ve seen your post on Twitter…” He went on to apologise profusely, promised to rectify the problem and was generally very nice and reassuring. Plusnet also tweeted me back with a ‘glad the problem is sorted, feel free to tweet if there is anything else we can do’.

I have to say, I was really impressed. With one  little tweet, I’d had my problem sorted, I was feeling much less annoyed, and I was seriously impressed with Plusnet’s response and methods. They had won me right back! It also guaranteed them some good worth-of-mouth, as I went on to tell everyone I saw that day my little tale of Twitter success (and blog about it…). I use Twitter a lot, but I’ve never had a good ‘moan tweet’ at an organisation; but Twitter managed to raise a result within 10 minutes, far more quickly than the old call or email method!

Plusnet’s Twitter account is a good example of an organisation doing Twitter and social networking well. Their profile is clean, branded, just the right side of serious organisation, and friendly approachable people. There are four dedicated tweeters, whose initials follow every tweet, and they appear to work around the clock. They reply to every tweet, and give service and customer information throughout the day. So well done Plusnet, I’m duly impressed, and other organisations would do well to follow this example.


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3 Responses to Twitter in Motion

  1. Worm says:

    It is very encouraging, and does show a good use of Social Media. Unfortunately, it doesn’t rectify the fact that the initial response was very poor.

    I’m also a PlusNet customer, and while I have had some issues with them, in general their response has been very good indeed, and I have no real complaints about their handling of the couple of issues I have had. However, Customer Service is about the whole experience, not just the result, and the whole story does show some worrying signs of poor CS.

    So kudos to PlusNet for use of Twitter, but let’s not forget the problems you had at the start that caused you to go to Twitter in the first place….

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  3. Thanks for your comment.

    I agree with you, customer service is whole experience, too many companies forget that. The ‘take your money and run’ kind of companies that have absolutely no customer service experience following your payment….

    What impressed me with Plusnet, was that using Twitter as they do; as a customer service monitoring and delivery tool, they are setting a good standard, which other companies, big and small, seem to ignore.

    I suppose what is great though, is as consumers and customers, we have wrestled a bit of power back, at least we can now go to Twitter and have a bit of a vent. It might not get always get a repsonse in 10 minutes as I was fortunate enough to get, but it sure makes you feel better…!

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